How Much Do Luxury Watches Cost?

This is really an interesting question, since the price range of watches varies greatly.

It’s not unheard of to pay 6 figures for a watch, yet you can also get an exquisite timepiece for a lot less. Some TAG Heuers only cost a few thousand dollars, and while they might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to luxury, there are also some Rolex watches going for under $10,000 dollars.

In fact, if you really want to see some of the best watches under 5,000, then you can be looking all day. The options are almost limitless.

Swiss watches are among the most expensive and most extravagant, but they are not the only brands you need to focus on (although let’s face it, they are pretty much the best).

You can learn more about some of the best ‘non-Swiss’ watches by viewing this forum thread.

The video from CNN below talks about some of the most affordable luxury watches, so that you can add that status symbol to your collection without (seriously) breaking the bank.

What is also to consider is, why do you want the watch? What are you going to be using it for (aside from telling the time)?.

Knowing this will help you choose your budget and watch. For example, if it’s going to be exclusively a dress piece, then you will want to avoid paying too much, but at the same time you should choose something that looks the part.

On the other hand, if you’ll be using it casually, then something like a Submariner might do well, given that it works as a dress piece or a casual (and practical) every day watch.

The choice is yours, and the options are limitless, which is why the beginning of the article said that this really was an interesting question.

Let us know your thoughts, questions, and suggestions and we’ll endeavor to add more to this article as feedback comes in.

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Are Fashionable Watches Going Out Of…Fashion?

wearable tech vs luxury watch

With the arrival of smart watches, fitness trackers, and all sort of other wearable tech, people are beginning to wonder if the more luxurious watches are on the decline.

Why pay $10,000 for a Rolex when you can pay a fraction of that price for a smartphone on your wrist?

Well the answer is the same as the reasons why people have always paid $10,000 for a watch.

Because they want to.

Never Unpopular

Diesel and electric cars are becoming more and more prominent, but Ferrari and Lamborghini aren’t exactly shaking in their boots, and neither therefore are your Rolexes and Omegas of the world.

Those who want a luxury watch aren’t interested in comparing it to wearable tech, but instead are interested in what it means to them.

This could be the status symbol, the self-satisfaction of earning one, or simply an extravagant gift from a significant other.

It doesn’t really matter the exact reason. The point that’s being made is that people will always have reasons to own luxurious watches, and those reasons aren’t going to just disappear because something else comes along.

In fact, if you look at the marketplace and the watch industry as a whole, particularly as Christmas creeps up on us again, you’ll see for sure that this is a booming business.

Check out how many watches are for sale on Amazon. I’m sure you’ll be able to say that the wearable tech is selling more, but it was always destined to. Rolex take one year to craft a watch and don’t intend to sell them by the masses, and certainly don’t market them to the masses.

Your Apples, Samsungs, and other smartwatch manufacturers on the other hand? They want volume, so this isn’t an objective┬ácomparison┬áthat can be made.

So if you’re wondering if that purchase you’ve been saving up for is as desirable as it was 5 years ago, then the answer is a resounding yes, and it always will be.

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